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    This simple-to-use biological cleaner contains many
    different strains of specially selected microorganisms
    that produce enzyme which degrades all types of
    organic soiling.

    Micro Clean is a biological stain and odour eradicator,
    ideal for use on carpets, upholstery, fabrics and flooring
    where soiling such as body fluids and spilt beverages
    has been absorbed into the fabric.

    Especially useful around urinals, walkways and areas
    contaminated with urine, vomit and body fluids etc.

    A little Micro Clean will also cure odours from sink
    outlets, baths, showers and kitchen waste units and
    prevent the re-growth of mould and moss on damp
    paths and in changing areas with poor ventilation.

    Bio Productions Biologicals contain species of
    micro-organisms/bacteria that are commonly found
    in the digestive tract and in soil.
    Our bacteria secrete a cocktail of enzymes aiding
    the breakdown of organic matter. As such, the
    micro-organisms found in our biologicals are classed
    as probiotic.

    CODE: MC
    SIZES: 1L & 5L

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    Customer Testimonials

    Micro Clean is one of those products that works on most things, from smelly bins, mouldy milk as well as flooded properties to remove the bad bacteria from the walls and ceilings.  Although we don’t know all of the technical wording we do know that from trying Micro Clean on flooded properties in the 2007 flash flooding that the enzymes quickly started eating through all of the nasty bacteria and damage caused by the floods.

    By simply splashing Micro Clean onto the walls and ceilings of a flooded property after mixing the chemical with lukewarm water it allows the enzymes to start working by removing all of the nasty things that the flood had caused.  We always reapply Micro Clean a few times per property over a number of days just to ensure the property is ready for decorating, before allowing the homeowners to move back into their homes.  Usually, a flooded property would need replastering after a flood, however, we find that Micro Clean does the job of removing the bad stuff, without having to replaster.

    When we work in a flooded property the property is always inspected afterwards by either the insurance, builders and even the local councils and thankfully we’ve never had a problem where the property needed more work.  The only chemical that we would use on these properties is Micro Clean!

    Gooch Group