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  • Bio-Productions is an award-winning company based in West Sussex and serving customers throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.

    Founded by Mike James and his wife Anne in 1984,
    Bio-Productions operates from its purpose-built offices, laboratory and warehouse in Burgess Hill, West Sussex.
    The Bio-Productions team is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and extremely responsive to our customers’ needs.

    In December 2014 three members of the Bio-Productions team, with over thirty years company experience between them, successfully completed an MBO enabling Mike and Anne James to retire.

    Angela Gill, Avonia Bridge & Phil Karn continue with their enthusiastic and knowledgeable colleagues, to build on our respected company foundation of quality products and professional service.

    We are renowned for our environmental ethos, which underpins everything we do. This includes a rigorous testing programme to ensure products minimise their impact on the environment and are proven to work as effectively as, or better than, conventional chemicals.

    Bio-Productions have won multiple “Green Apple” awards for Environmental Best Practice, in recognition of our efforts to reduce the impact of cleaning chemicals in the environment. We are proud to be certified to ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 9001 (Quality management systems).

We have been industry innovators since 1986, when we developed the first user friendly, enzyme-based drain unblocker for the agricultural industry. We then turned our focus to the commercial and industrial cleaning sectors, where there was a dearth of environmentally-friendly, low-impact cleaning products available. Since then, “green” cleaning products have become more and more popular: we are proud of our place in driving this awareness and creating many of the most popular products in the industry today.

Bio-Productions acquired Stapro, a leading manufacturer of professional carpet and upholstery products, in 2000 and Brapack, a manufacturer of a range of professional floor polishes and finishes in 2008. Both brands have now been integrated into the Bio-Productions family.

Our environmental policy

Our environmental policy

While we realise that some of our processes may effect our environment, the management and staff of Bio-Productions Ltd are committed to continual review and improvement wherever possible in an effort to reduce such impact regardless of legislation or minimum standards. Bio-Productions will continue to source sustainable energy whenever practical, and constantly review and implement improvements in energy efficiency.

The products manufactured by Bio-Productions are continually assessed for their impact upon the environment from conception to disposal, and consideration is given to all aspects of their use and discharge. Bio-Productions constantly re-evaluates waste and has procedures for collection and recycling, as well as a programme for technological improvements and streamlining operations to reduce energy consumption, including transportation to and from our manufacturing site.
We continually self-evaluate our performance while also monitoring changing legislation and policies worldwide. We do not have the exclusivity on environmental ideas – nor exclusive use of the environment.

Our quality and mission statement

Our quality and mission statement

We provide excellent service, unbeatable quality and ongoing innovation. Through the consistent provision of these standards our customers will receive quality products, and our employees will enjoy stability and growth.

Awards and accreditations

We have been given multiple “Green Apple” awards for Environmental Best Practice, in recognition of our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment. We are ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) certified.

  • Bio-Productions green apple award

  • Bio-Productions green apple award

  • Bio-Productions green apple award

  • Bio-Productions green apple award

  • Bio-Productions NCCA members

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  • Bio-Productions CHSA members

  • CERTIFIED Employment Law and Health and Safety Compliant. Protected by Ellis Whittam.

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