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Helpful service, a really good company to do business with, would recommend highly.

Mrs S, Distributor

Responsive and knowledgeable: a pleasure to do business with! Happy to answer questions and always ready to offer advice.

Janitorial Supply Company

Good Afternoon Angela,

Your offer for replacement triggers is very Kind and I will make sure that the managers for both areas are made aware of your genuine concern and desire to keep all Bio –production customers happy and satisfied with your products. The replacement triggers will be divided between the managers as spares which I trust will keep all parties happy and ensure continued use of Orange Squirt & Blu Away.  

Thank you so much for your most excellent customer services, a quality so rarely found nowadays.

Kind Regards


Hi Angela,

That is genuinely fantastic information, I’m very very impressed by how in depth your team have gone on this.  I’ve got some organic chemistry in my background and the report makes a lot of sense. And I meant what I said about clearly superior, we wouldn’t touch your competitors with someone else’s barge pole. 

Many of our clients ask for the Sovereign brand by name, and some of them have been dealing with flooring their whole lives.

In addition I’m grateful for your personal attention as I’m sure you get all kinds of random queries daily, so my personal thanks.

Please consider me at your disposal if I can be of assistance to you in future.

Kind regards,


Thanks Garry,

Bloody good product more than a match for Mop & Shine!



Hi Angela,

That would be fantastic, wish all my shippers were as kind and efficient as yourself. :-)

Kind Regards


Hi Angela,

I hope you are well, Thanks for order all good, really impressed with all your products. James done amazing today with your Green products really impressed with you all really GREAT TEAM pleasure to work with.

Kind Regards,

Damian P

Hi Angela,

Really pushing your products, they are amazing like your company, you really have a great company products and staff.

Kind Regards,


Hi everyone,

I thought you would like to hear this. I had a customer that came in today who met James last week. She’s asked that I tell everyone (including James and his boss) about the situation. See below;

Last week I had a customer in the shop was in tears because she was losing her job (as a school cleaner) as the head teacher thought she was doing a terrible job using a competitors products.

We recommended Bio Blocks and Blu Away to get rid of really smelly urinals (they had 3 urinals, 1 of the urinals had a blocked pipe, the head teacher decided not to pay anyone to unblock it and started using it as a waterless urinal) whilst only using a daily toilet cleaner and some weird urinal blocks.

James then arrived and was able to give her a Blu Away flyer, backed up what we were saying and explained the scientific stuff behind how it all works. She went into work the next day explained everything James had said and showed the products.

She used the products in the smelly urinals and left it for 2 days. After 2 days the pipe unblocked itself, the bad smells went and the entire room smelt ‘fresh’. She has been awarded a new title as The manager of all cleaners, she’s been given a budget to buy Bio Productions products from ourselves and is very, very happy.

Please thank James for speaking to the customer last week, as I explained to him the customer had been here in tears for over an hour about losing her job and luckily James turned up at the right time and was able to give a very good explanation on how the product worked and really impressed her. Thanks to this we have won a contract for Blu Away and Bio Blocks for the school, and I can only hope that this will also allow us to get more of your range of products into the school.

Kindest regards