Material Data Safety Sheets can be found alphabetically by product in the table below. You can also search for products and safety sheets using the magnifying glass at the top of the page.

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A – C

Airfreshener Gels – CLP
Air Freshener Sprays – CLP (Peach/Summer Fruits)
Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 70% – CLP
Anti Bacterial Soap РCLP
Apple Tag Ups – CLP
Bactericidal Cleaner (Perfumed) – CLP
Beer/Pipeline Cleaner – CLP
Bio Blocks – CLP
Bio Clear – CLP
Bio Dose – CLP
Bio Mix – CLP
Bio P – CLP (30/60)
Blu Away – CLP
Carpet Shampoo – CLP
Chlorine Sanitising Tablets – CLP
Citra Clean Concentrate – CLP
Citra Clean Degreaser – CLP
Citra Clean EX – CLP
Citra Clean HD
Citra Clean HP – CLP
Clean Command – CLP
Clean Up Kits – CLP
Complete Degreaser Xtra – CLP
Cream Cleaner – CLP
Crockery Destainer Powder – CLP

D – K

Defoamer – CLP
Deluxe Commercial Powder – CLP
Dishwash Liquid – CLP
Dishwash Powder – CLP
Dishwash Rinse Aid – CLP
Drain Solution – CLP
Enzyme Pre-Spray – CLP
Extrol Cleaner – CLP
Fabric Conditioner – CLP (Pink/Blue)
Fabric Fresh – CLP
Fabric Protector
Fat Free Disinfectant Cleaner – CLP
Fem Guard – CLP
Fibre Bond – CLP
Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner – CLP
Glass Renovator – CLP
Glass Rinse Aid – CLP
Glass Wash – CLP
Graffiti Remover – CLP
Grill & Oven Cleaner – CLP
Hand Soaps – CLP
Heavy Duty Degreaser Powder – CLP
Hot Water Extraction Liquid – CLP
Hyflex Floor Seal – CLP (Gloss/Satin)
Insecticide – CLP
Kitchen Sanitiser CLP (RTU/Concentrate)

L – R

Laundry Liquid – CLP (Bio/Non-Bio)
Laundry Powder 2 in 1 – CLP
Laundry Powder – CLP (Bio/Non-Bio)
Laundry Pre Soak – CLP
Lemon Floor Gel – CLP
Liquid Descaler – CLP
Liquid Soap (Pink) – CLP
Luxury Soap – CLP
Micro Clean – CLP
Monopro Stone Floor Cleaner – CLP
Multi Purpose Cleaner Non-Perfumed CLP (Concentrate/RTU)
Multi Purpose Cleaner Perfumed CLP (Concentrate/RTU)
Multi Surface Polish – CLP
Orange Cleaner – CLP
Orange Squirt – CLP
Perfumed Urinal Mats – CLP
Pump Station Degreaser – CLP
Royal Flush Toilet & Commode Fluid – CLP
Royal Flush Biological Cistern Blocks – CLP
Royal Flush Cistern Blocks – CLP
Royal Flush Sachets – CLP

S – Z

Sanitaire Emergency Clean-up Powder – CLP
Scale Breaker – CLP
Silicone Free Polish – CLP
Single Pass – CLP
Sola II Floor Finish – CLP
Solacare Floor Maintainer – CLP
Solastrip Floor Finish Remover – CLP
Sta-Brite – CLP
Sta Kill Biocidal Cleaner and Deodoriser – CLP
Stain Remover Solvent – CLP
Stone Seal – CLP
Strip-Free Polymer Stripper – CLP
Supercare Floor Restorer – CLP
Superseal Foundation Undercoat – CLP
Supersola – Wet Look Floor Finish – CLP
Superspray Gloss Builder
Superstrip Emulsion Floor Finish Remover – CLP
Toilet Bowl Rim Hangers – CLP
Toilet Cleaner & Descaler – CLP
Total Washroom Cleaner – CLP (Concentrate/RTU)
Traffic Lane Cleaner – CLP
Urinal Blocks – CLP (Blue/Yellow)
Urine Stain Neutraliser – CLP
Washing Up Liquid – CLP
Washroom Sparkle
Wood Seal – CLP
Xola Clean All Purpose Cleaner – CLP (Concentrate/RTU)
Xtra Emulsion Floor Polish – CLP (Gloss/Satin)