This is the description for the laundry range

  • fabric conditioner pink

    Fabric Conditioner

    Fabric Conditioner A quality fabric conditioner that softens & reconditions the fibres after laundering resulting in speedier ironing & a reduction in static and re-soiling. Leaves a fresh, (not overbearing) fragrance. Available in Floral (summer Breeze) fragrance CODE: XFSSB SIZES: 5L Info Sheet MSDS Floral  
  • laundry powder bio

    Laundry Powder – Bio

    Laundry Powder - Bio Containing protease enzymes that quickly degrade stubborn stains and soiling in a cool wash, suitable for all machine types. CODE: XBIO SIZES: 10KG  Info Sheet MSDS
  • laundry presoak destainer powder

    Laundry Pre Soak

    Laundry Pre Soak This powerful pre-soak powder dissolves to make a solution that removes stubborn staining and grime from bedding, towels, linen tableware, chef’s whites and catering clothing etc. CODE: XDESTAIN SIZES: 10KG Info Sheet MSDS