This is the description for the kitchen range

  • kitchen sanitiser concentrate

    Anti Bac Sanitiser

      Anti Bac Sanitiser A non-fragranced, all purpose cleaner in both concentrated and ready to use variants with active biocides for the removal of all types of soiling. Suitable for sanitising food preparation areas, display cabinets, shelving, bars and serving areas. CODE: XBD5 (Concentrate) & XBD750 (RTU) SIZES: 5L (Concentrate) & 750 (RTU) 
  • liquid descaler

    Liquid Descaler

    Liquid Descaler Quickly removes lime-scale from shower-heads, kettles and boilers etc. A non-fuming formula ideal for use in confined areas. CODE: XDL SIZES: 5L  
  • beer and pipe line cleaner

    Beerline Cleaner

    Beerline Cleaner Cleans and sanitises all beer-lines and pump equipment and maintains the quality and enjoyment of beers. Removes yeasts & build-up within plastic and stainless fittings without tainting. CODE: XPBL SIZES: 5L  
  • glass renovator

    Glass Renovator

    Glass Renovator Safely removes bloom from glassware, leaving a clean, clear finish. CODE: XGREN SIZES: 5L  
  • Glass Rinse Aide Liquid

    Glass Rinse

    Glass Rinse A commercial grade rinse-aid suitable for use in all types of cabinet glass-washing equipment. CODE: Y-AP257 SIZES: 5L
  • glass wash liquid

    Glass Wash

    Glass Wash A highly concentrated detergent cleaner for all makes of glass washing equipment containing special sequestering agents to help prevent blooming. CODE: Y-AP251 SIZES: 5L  
  • washing up liquid

    Washing Up Liquid

    Washing Up Liquid Concentrated general-purpose washing-up liquid for crockery, cutlery and streak-free glass-ware. CODE: XEWL SIZES:  5L
  • crockery destainer powder

    Crockery Destainer Powder

    Crockery Destainer Powder A highly effective tannin stain remover specially formulated for the professional caterer for the removal of tea and coffee stains and hard water scale from crockery, cutlery and in vending machines and tea urns etc. Easily rinsed to leave no residue. CODE: XSTR10 SIZES: 10KG
  • dishwash rinse aid

    Dishwash Rinse Aid

    Dishwash Rinse Aid Specially formulated for the professional caterer to aid rapid, streak-free drying in automatic dishwashing equipment. Rinse Aid should be used with our dishwasher detergents for optimum results. CODE: Y-AP256 SIZES: 5L & 25L  
  • Dishwash Powder Deluxe

    Dishwash Powder

    Dishwash Powder Specially formulated for the professional caterer. This powerful non-taint, odourless dishwasher powder removes grease, dried-on food and tannin stains. Formulated to clean whilst helping prevent scale build-up in the machine. CODE: XDWP SIZES: 5KG & 10KG
  • dishwash liquid

    Dishwash Liquid

    Dishwash Liquid A concentrated automatic dishwasher detergent formulated to remove all types of food soiling from crockery, cutlery & stainless-steel. Ideal for both hard & soft water areas. CODE: Y-AP252 SIZES: 5L & 25L  
  • heavy duty degreaser powder

    Heavy Duty Degreaser Powder

    Heavy Duty Degreaser Powder Powerful, economical powdered formulation that breaks-down and removes heavy grease, carbon & staining in high-volume food production areas and professional kitchens. Low foaming and easily mixed for use as a pre-spray. CODE: XHDDK SIZES: 10KG