This is the description for the citra clean range

  • Citra Clean Degreaser

    Citra Clean Degreaser

    Naturally extracted orange solvent formulated to remove even the toughest materials Citra Clean Degreaser is made from naturally extracted orange solvent formulated into a cleaner that will remove all types of tar, bitumen and adhesive. Ideal for degrading heavy deposits of mastic, where petroleum solvents are unsuitable. Citra Clean Degreaser may also be used to fragrance cleaning solutions, [...]
  • citra clean sump and well degreaser

    Citra Clean Sump & Well Degreaser

    Citra Clean Sump & Well Degreaser Formulated to float on the fatty solids on the surface of sumps & wet-wells and degrade them while preventing mal-odours permeating the building. Prevents fatty solids building-up on switch-gear and pumps, which can cause motors to burn out. CODE: PSD SIZES: 5L & 25L
  • citra clean drain cleaner

    Citra Clean Drain Cleaner

    Citra Clean Drain Cleaner This natural orange solvent cleaner quickly dissolves grease and fatty blockages without damaging the pipe work or the environment. Ideal for masking mal-odours emanating from floor gullies and sluices etc. CODE: CCDC SIZE: 5L
  • citra clean EX

    Citra Clean EX

    Citra Clean EX Industrial strength citrus cleaning power. EX contains more orange oil than Citra Clean Concentrate making it ideal for use where heavy oily soiling or tar is a problem. EX is ideal in marine or industrial applications as a degreaser on plant and machinery. EX also removes chewing gum, oil and tar from [...]
  • citra clean HP

    Citra Clean HP

    Citra Clean HP High-powered cleaning with a higher pH, for heavy-duty industrial cleaning tasks, including degreasing concrete floors. HP removes tar, oil, grease and bitumen easily. CODE: CCHP SIZES: 5L & 25L
  • citra clean HD

    Citra Clean HD

    Citra Clean HD This powerful blend of natural citrus solvents dislodges carbonaceous soiling, aged oil and grease so it can be rinsed easily from plant and machinery where hot water or power are not available. The unique formulation also facilitates the recycling of the cleaning solution by separating (splitting) the soiling from the cleaning solution making HD very economical to [...]
  • orange squirt

    Orange Squirt

    Multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser A powerful ready to use yet dilutable multi-purpose orange based cleaner-degreaser. Orange Squirt is formulated as a trigger-spray cleaner for all tough tasks including spot-cleaning on carpets and all types of hard surfaces. As a spray-and wipe cleaner, neutral pH Orange Squirt safely out performs most products and is amazingly versatile. CODE: OS SIZES: 750ML & 5L Customer Testimonials “Orange Squirt is even more [...]