Royal Flush Biological Cistern Blocks


  • Royal Flush Biological Cistern Blocks

    Not to be confused with the decorative ‘blue’ blocks
    although the same concept.

    Royal Flush blue cistern blocks deliver both biological
    and chemical cleaning agents as well as a blue colour
    each time the flush is activated.

    The water-softening and sequestering agents maintain a
    clean bowl while the biological cleaning power works in
    the pipes to prevent any build-up of solids and continues
    working in small bore, pumped toilet systems and older
    buildings where drain-runs can be problematic.
    Also enhances septic tank efficiency.

    Bio Productions Biologicals contain species of
    micro-organisms/bacteria that are commonly found
    in the digestive tract and in soil.
    Our bacteria secrete a cocktail of enzymes aiding
    the breakdown of organic matter. As such, the
    micro-organisms found in our biologicals are classed
    as probiotic.

    SIZES: Tubs of 24

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