Alcohol free Hand Sanitising Gel


  • Alcohol Free Hand Sanitising Gel

    Fragrance and alcohol-free, clear non-tainting hand sanitising gel.
    Ideal for frequent use, sanitising hands without the need for
    water or harsh skin drying 70% alcohol preparations.
    Our Alcohol-free formulation kills bacteria and viruses leaving
    hands clean and feeling soft.
    Kinder to the skin and safer to store
    Passed to BS EN 14476: 2013 effective against Coronavirus,
    killing 99.99% enveloped viruses with a 2 minute contact time.

    • Contains powerful antimicrobials
    • BS EN 14476
    • Alcohol-Free
    • Gentle non-irritating formulation leaving skin feeling soft
    • Food safe, ideal for food prep areas
    • Waterless, no need for sinks or hand dryers



    SIZES: 5L

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