This is the description for the Carpets range

  • fibre bond

    Restorative Carpet Care: Fibre Bond

    Fibre Bond A specially blended acidic formulation for use as a fixative when cleaning carpets, rugs, upholstery and fabrics that are prone to colour migration, either from fascias or secondary backings. Fibre Bond will also aid the removal of tea, coffee and other water-based spillages when used as a prespray. A light spray will neutralise pH in [...]
  • bactericidal shampoo

    Carpet Cleaning Products: Defoamer

    Defoamer A specialist product, invaluable for the control of foam in recovery tanks when using extraction carpet cleaning equipment. Simple and economical to use, though dilutions may vary depending upon detergent residues from previous cleaning. CODE: DF SIZES: 5L 
  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaner

    Carpet Cleaning Products: Hot Water Extraction Liquid

    Hot Water Extraction Liquid A specially formulated highly concentrated, low foaming detergent ideally suited to all professional portable and truck-mounted extraction machines where a liquid is preferred to a powder. Ideal for use on wool or man-made fibres and all types of wet-cleanable fabrics. Very economical in use with a typical dilution rate of 100 - 1. pH [...]
  • deluxe commercial powder

    Carpet Cleaning Products: Deluxe Commercial Powder

    Deluxe Commercial Powder A powerful alkali carpet cleaner concentrate, with excellent low foaming and grease cutting properties. Ideal for use in all portable and truckmounted extraction systems. Specially formulated for use on heavier soiled carpets in commercial and institutional establishments. pH of 11 in solution. CODE: DELUXE SIZES: 4KG & 10KG
  • bactericidal shampoo

    Carpet Cleaning Products: Bactericidal Shampoo

    Bactericidal Shampoo A low foam carpet and fabric shampoo for use in extraction machines, rotary or bonnet buffing equipment containing quaternary ammonium compounds to clean while killing bacteria and neutralising unpleasant odours. May also be diluted into trigger-sprays for use as bactericidal spray and wipe in hospitals, nursing homes and institutional establishments. Dilutes up to 50.1 depending on soiling. [...]
  • stain remover

    Pre-Cleaners: Stain Remover (solvent)

    Stain Remover Probably the most versatile and effective stain remover available. Effective on stains caused by spilt tea, coffee, wine, grease and oil.  Removes shoe polish, nail varnish and general stains while also deodorising. Suitable for use on most carpets, upholstery fabrics and wool-mixes. Shake well before using. CODE: SR SIZES: 750ML & 5L
  • enzyme pre spray

    Pre-Cleaners: Enzyme Pre-Spray

    Enzyme Pre-Spray A highly effective spot cleaner for protein based stains. This enzyme cleaner digests and removes difficult organic soiling and stains caused by blood, vomit, dairy products, fat, food and beverages prior to machine cleaning. Dilutes up to 100.1 depending on soiling to treat approximately 30m2. pH 9.5 in solution. CODE: ENZYME SIZES: 3KG
  • insecticide

    Protective Carpet Care: Insecticide

    Insecticide An effective, user friendly, ready-to-use, water based, HSE (No:9067) approved insecticide for use on carpets, upholstery, fabrics and hard surfaces. For Professional and Amateur use. Simply spray on and leave to dry naturally, the insecticide is ideal treatment for eradication of infestations and control of all crawling and flying insects including fleas. Ready-to-use and [...]
  • urine stain neutraliser

    Pre-Cleaners: Urine Stain Neutraliser

    Urine Stain Neutraliser For the pre-treatment of acid based stains caused by urine and vomit etc., prior to cleaning. Essential in avoiding a chemical reaction and the flaring-up of old stains during the cleaning operation. Use undiluted. pH neutral. CODE: USN SIZES: 5L