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Bio Production Static header - Bio Productions manufacturers of non pDCB Biological Urinal Blocks Bio-Productions are a manufacturer of environmental friendly cleaners, biological cleaners, Toilet Cleaner & Biological Urinal Blocks as well as the top selling Citra Clean Concentrate all purpose cleaner

Because of the popularity of our non-pDCB urinal blocks, other companies have emulated the concept......

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Bio-productions manufacture a range of environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance products for the professional cleaning industry. These include biological urinal blocks and channel blocks, for washroom hygiene, and a range of natural solutions for cleaning and maintenance as well as odour elimination problems.

Our formulas and biological cleaners include many naturally derived raw-materials, plant extracts and harmless compounds that impact less on our environment.

These problem-solving products are simple and economical to use,

often out-performing conventional cleaning chemicals while also reducing exposure to operatives and members of the public who may come into contact with cleaning products.

Bio Productions, naturally.

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